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Hello Beautiful

Amani Nicol Studio in s a hidden gem in Pikesville, MD. We provide a spa-like intimate atmosphere with  an innovative approach to women's wellness. Relax, rejuvenate and reset your  journey with vibration plate therapy, infrared sauna sessions, nutrition health coaching, body composition analysis and beauty treatments.



Nik Sweeney, Master Certified Health Coach

Founder of Amani Nicol Fitness and Wellness, had a strong desire to support women who wanted to level up their lifestyle with exercise and eating right.  An avid exerciser turned fitness pro has enjoyed a career more than a decade long in health and wellness as a group fitness instructor and health coach. The same passion that fuels Nik's love for good health has inspired her to help women live their best life possible.

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Beautifully Well Program

Beautifully Well takes a holistic approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle.  We meet you where you are and support your journey to where you desire to be with an innovative membership-based program. There are four key components for success: Body Composition Analysis, Nutrition  Support, Vibration Plate and Sauna Therapy.  Increasing energy and empowering you to embrace your journey with a program that's intimate, personal and delivers results. 


Chronic Illness Prevention Program

If you're coping with hypertension,  diabetes,  or have been diagnosed prediabetic, try our program! Managing your care is less overwhelming at Amani Nicol. We've combined the amazing results-driven Beautifully Well program with approved Diabetes and Hypertension curriculum from the CDC and American Heart Association.  Nutrition support, innovative exercise, and self-care sessions is the start to feeling better.