CherLove Wellness


Social-Emotional Support for women considering Bariatric tools

Tarsha Smith, Founder & Wellness Director of CherLove Wellness


In February 2014, due to deteriorating health because of my history of multiple chronic illnesses as well as tipping the scale at 400 lbs, I had to make a life or death decision. I CHOSE LIFE!!!

With that decision, there started a journey towards a necessary lifestyle and mindset change that has lead me to wanting to share my journey and support women in the same journey to wellness! 

No matter how you are embarking on your wellness journey, support is always necessary and needed to be successful.

CherLove Wellness Mission...

Building an community that empowers women that seek to and has had a bariatric tool with social and emotional support!



Considering a bariatric tool...

Of course, there are so many questions, concerns and thoughts that you have when making such a life changing decision towards your wellness. CherLove Wellness provides social and emotional support through education, resources, partnerships and events that promotes your necessary preliminary lifestyle change so to be successful in the post journey!


Post- Bariatric

The journey continues...

Whereever you are in your post bariactric treatment,  the work towards maintaining your weight loss achievements and continuing on your healthy journey path has become primary key and focus. CherLove Wellness provides support through self care services that helps with energy rejuvenation, stress management and nutrition assistance. The goal is to provide women, at this stage, an opportunity to invest time in self preservation and feeling energized to achieve any goal you desire!